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Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth - Cheat / Hacks

Dr Panda’s Handyman - Cheat / Hacks

The Thieving Tower - Cheat / Hacks

The window to the bedroom of the princess is at the top of a high tower and still nobody managed to reach it. You desperately wish to win the heart of your favorite lady, and therefore are ready to risk even your life. Use all available means and adaptations for lifting.

BLIPLE – Test Your Reflex! - Cheat / Hacks

BLIPLE — Test Your Reflex! – a game on reaction. Try to stop a growing strip at that moment, when it appears on the necessary letter. Except strips you are waited for by wandering cubes which need to be stopped on a certain letter. At the end of each level you will be able to estimate your successes in a percentage ratio.

  • quite good “time-killer”
  • 12 interesting levels
  • 2 modes of game
  • simple management

Frozen Synapse - Cheat / Hacks

Frozen Synapse – in the far cyberpunk future, there’re only two conflicting parties – insurgents and the government. Act on the party of insurgents and show your strategic skills.

  • 5 difficult multiuser modes
  • 55 single missions
  • Original graphics
  • Good soundtrack
  • Casual choice of levels and maps
    Game demands cache downloading. How to install a game with cache?

    Way for cache: sdcard/Android/obb